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Cities across New York are stepping up to help raise awareness on gun violence. Check out what these cities are doing to curb the violence.



Mayor Eric Adams has implemented a gun violence strategy in the five boroughs to reduce violent weapons on the street.  A part of that initiative is the Mayor’s Blueprint to End Gun Violence, which incorporates plans around getting ghost guns off-the-street, providing resources to the NYPD for the Anti-Crime Unit, and connecting young people who are not enrolled in school, work, or training in summer jobs.  The city also plans to expand the B-HEARD (Behavioral Health Emergency Assistance Response Division) Program, which was previously piloted in select precincts throughout the city and uses paramedics instead of police to address mental health emergencies; Mayor Adams’ budget includes $55 million to expand the initiative, which is part of the subway crime plan the City has also developed.


There has been a steady rise in crime, and Mayor Sheehan has worked hard on combating gun violence by working closely with members of the community, positive police reinforcement, and partnerships with area stakeholders. There have been numerous collaborations with nonprofit organizations, neighborhood organizations and elected officials to curb violence in Albany.



Buffalo has experienced an increase in gun violence and Mayor Byron Brown has been on the forefront of ideas and programs to combat the increase in gun violence. Under the Mayor’s direction, Buffalo has hired a new police chief, and created a “High Risk Youth Team” aimed to prevent violence, especially gun violence in Buffalo.  The pilot program, which has been successful in its first few months already, includes trauma-informed counseling, mentorship, job placement, educational assistance and creation/linkage with pro-social activities at night.


Mayor Ben Walsh has been focused on gun violence prevention since his start as Mayor of Syracuse. Throughout his terms, he has advocated strongly for funding of after-school programs, community-wide projects to clean at-risk areas, as well as gang violence prevention. Most recently, Mayor Walsh announced the launch of  the Mayor’s Office to Reduce Gun Violence, the first ever of its kind in Syracuse. The Director will identify target areas in Syracuse, work with key stakeholders in the community and government, including electeds and agencies.

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